If you case is closed and for some reason you problem is not resolved or re-occurs you can follow these instructions to view your past cases.  Once in that view, you can send a message and this will re-open the issue.


Go to the azure portal and login:  https://portal.azure.com

In the top search box type: Help, and choose Help + support


Select All support requests from the left pane:


If you do not see your support request, choose See all support requests at the bottom of the window:


You may have to change your filters like Subscription, Created and Status:


and/or the subscription by choosing Show more:


Click on the case you want to re-open and click on New message.  Enter why you want to open this and select the Submit button.  This will send a message to the engineer who had your case and re-open it!


Drop me a note if you found this useful!

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