Author: Madhura Bharadwaj

There are many docs in the ASE official documentation now. I usually find ASE documents a little scattered on the Web and each time I’m on an ASE case, I spend a few minutes looking for the right doc. To avoid this, I was collating the links for my own reference and I thought it might be helpful to you too. I’ve put them scenario wise you don’t have to go through everything every time. I hope this helps!

ASE Basics


Create External ASE:

Create Internal ASE:

Creating ASE with ARM template:

Using an ASE:

ASE Networking/Routing Concepts

Network Considerations:

Controlling inbound traffic:

Network Configuration for ASE + ExpressRoute:

Connecting to backend resources from an ASE:

ASE Config

ASE Encryption/TLS:

ASE with other devices(WAF/Firewall/Gateway):

ASE + Firewall (lockdown ASE):

ILB ASE + Azure App GW:

WAF on App Gateway:

ASE + Barracuda Firewall:

ASE + Network Virtual Appliance (force tunneling):

Reference Architectures/Diagrams

App Service Networking Features(when to choose what):

ASE Enterprise App Deployment:

ASE High availability deployment:

Geo Distributed scale with ASE:

Other related info

Network Security Groups (NSGs):

About UDR, BGP Routes, System Routes:

Azure Firewall & Network Virtual Appliance (NVA):

Availability Zone Support for ASE: