How to re-open an Azure Support Case

Overview If you case is closed and for some reason you problem is not resolved or re-occurs you can follow these instructions to view your past cases.  Once in that view, you can send a message and this will re-open the issue. Steps Go to the azure portal and login: In the top search

Where are the archived AppServicesTeam blogs?

For example: Now is here: How do you find this?  I could not find and advanced search for bing, but google has one: Fill in the key words from the article or url (in this case I used Multi-container) and for the site list and the 2nd article was the one

Test Azure Function App Key access

Overview You can test the key that Azure Functions uses when communicating to it’s associated storage account.  This is a great troubleshooting step if you get errors that the function is not accessible. Steps Install Storage Explorer on your machine: Open Azure Storage Explorer and choose the Plug Icon to create a new Connection.