Customize Azure Cloud Shell Bash Environment

Overview I wanted to customize my Azure Cloud Shell Bash Environment to set the active subscription and define bash aliases at start up.  I could not find a good reference so here is how to do some simple things. Bash file structure in Azure Cloud Shell When your start the Cloud Shell it will prompt

Preview – Auth0 with Azure App Services

Overview There are a couple of articles available but they are out of date.  This is a step by step walk through of using OpenID (Auth0) with Azure App Services. Create App Service The first step is to create an Azure App Service.  Using the Azure Portal, I created a .NET Core 5 Web app

Where to Azure App Service Advisor Emails get sent?

Overview Azure App Service Advisor will send notification emails and add notifications to the portal when your app is not healthy.  Where does the email notification system retrieve a list of recipients? Answer The system will send email to the RBAC Owner of the resource, Service Admin and Account Admin of the Subscription. You can

Walkthrough Static Web Apps and AAD Authentication

Overview This is a step by step walkthrough of how to add AAD Authentication to Static Web Apps.  This is based on these documents: Quickstart: Building your first static web app with Azure Static Web Apps using the Azure portal | Microsoft Docs Steps Build the Static Web App Using Quickstart: Building your first static

SendGrid 403 authentication Errors

Overview SendGrid – Stopped sending emails due to SendGrid changing authentication requirements for the Sender of the email Background SendGrid changed how they authenticate and require the sender address to be verified. This is not an Microsoft issue.  SendGrid is a 3rd party and solely supported by SendGrid.  You can go to your SendGrid dashboard

Azure App Service–403 causes

Overview There are a few reasons Azure App Services (Azure Web Apps, Azure Function Apps etc…) may get a 403 response.  Other than the code itself returning this, Access Restrictions or IP Restrictions could be at play (and you can mitigate with this knowledge). Causes The site has IP Restrictions in place This will result

Azure Web Job not running

Super simple.  Enable “Always on” for the web site. The SCM Web Site (also known as Kudu) can stop due to inactivity on it or the web site if Always On was not enabled for this site. As discussed at “A web app can time out after 20 minutes of inactivity. Only requests to